We are founding members of the Hungarian Foundation of the Tibetan Medicine and Culture

Last year upon the success of our recent documentary film The Legacy of Menla, the main character from our film Dr Dorjee Rapten Neshar visited Hungary to hold lecture series throughout the country. This year he returned again!

Thanks to the vice-mayor of the town Gyula, Norbert Alt, Dr Dorjee arrived with his lovely wife and collegue Sonam Wangmo and held a conference in Gyula which was such a great success that a foundation was formed to preserve this anchient healing system in order to ensure more frequent visit by Tibetan doctor to Hungary. The official title of the foundation is Magyarországi Tibeti Gyógyászatért és Kultúráért Alapítvány which roughly translates to Hungarian Foundation of the Tibetan Medicine and Culture. We are honored that we are asked to be founding members of this great initiative.

In Budapest Gabor Kolbe who has been a great friends to us in organising screenings and generally helping the way of the film, has brought Dr Dorjee and Sonam to Budapest for an amazing conference at which about 250 participated.

It is very humbling to see how a film can be such a catalyst and can have a positive effect. There are many plans ahaed, some that will surely make you surprised.