We are back from Transylvania!

We just got back from Transylvania, Romania where we filmed the third stage of our upcoming documentary, A Magyar Nóta Belga Mestere (The Belgian Master of Hungarian Nota).

What a few months we had! We started filming the wonderful Tcha Limberger in April in Budapest, Hungary which was followed by Belgium (his birthplace) then Transylvania, Romania.

After the busy cities of Budapest and Brussels it felt great to be in nature again! We filmed Tcha`s main interview in his beautiful house in Magyarokere then followed him around in the area playing music, having fun and generally making people happy. He is such an inspiring person – his philosophy of life is something everyone should hear. There were so many touching moments while we were filming that we cannot even count them, but you can be sure many of them will be in the final cut of the film 🙂