Daughters of Dolma


Daughters of Dolma tells the story of three generations of Buddhist nuns and explores age, modernity, spirituality, journey and gender issues in their everyday lives. In the heart of Nepal, a distinct group of people maintains a unique way of life. They are bound by a tradition handed down through countless generations.

They shave their heads, dress in maroon robes and commit to monastic vows.Here is a story about being a woman in the midst of an ancient tradition, living with modernity in a city like Kathmandu, a community of diverse backgrounds and personalities aspiring for the same goal.

Technical Specs

  • Run time: 63 min
  • Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Language: English,Tibetan

Project Details

Daughters of Dolma was so far bought by US distributor Kino Lorber, Netflix, Vertigo Media and Telekom in Hungary. Most US based libraries (public, university) have purchased copies of the official DVD.
The film has been officially selected at the Salento International Film Festival, Buddhist Film Festival Europe, received Honorable Mention at the Athens International Film Festival, the El Rey Award at the 2014 Barcelona Film Festival and became quarterfinalist a the 2014 Colortape International Film Festival.

  • Distribution: Kino Lorber (US/Canada), Vertigo Media (Hungary)
  • Release date: 2014(US), 2013(Hungary)
  • Production companies: Arrabona Studio, Focus Fox Studio, Tivoli Studio