Jyrno Reporter’s Hub Commercial

Project Description

Jyrno: The World’s First Online Journalism Hub. It provides an online platform for young reporters,, journalists to connect and compete with each other while making lasting connections in the industry.

They can post their newest articles or reportings and gain points to level up in the ranking system. They will be able to reach out to professors and industry professionals and get feedback on their work.

Project Details

  • Run time: 1 min 25 sec
  • Language: English
  • Production companies: Arrabona Studio

Project Details

We scripted and shot this commercial for this upcoming mobile phone application. The client needed an inspiring film that introduced this application to the market. We  shot the necessary footage in a two-day period. Post-production included some slight foley, sound mixing and color correction and VFX work. All the mobile phone screen shots were filmed with green screen and were added later. We also designed the animated mobile phone screens themselves. We were provided a basic .psd file for each screen – we then reworked them to have the same elegant style before our VFX artist animated the screens. The footage also contains some motion tracked titles.

  • Client: Jyrno
  • Tasks: Concept, Production, Post-Production
  • Release date: 2017