Mission FPS – A computer game campaign film

Project Description

Mission FPS is a homegrown gaming project from Tipping Toast Media LLC. We are a small development company here in sunny Florida! We are gamer nerds who grew up on Mario and continued to play all styles throughout our lives!

This project is a personal passion for us to create an amazing FPS experience, but with a twist. This Kickstarter campaign is to help us create a fully interactive FPS for our backers, one they can choose the outcome and play their ideas in living color and amazing sound!

Project Details

  • Run time: 2 min 15 sec
  • Language: English
  • Production companies: Arrabona Studio

Project Details

We scripted and shot a promotional film for an upcoming computer game. The client needed a powerful and effective Kickstarter campaign film. We were provided with existing gameplay and artwork. We wrote the script,  shot the interviews and live action footages then did the post-production, which included foley (sound design, sound mixing and color correction).

  • Client: Tipping Toast Media
  • Tasks: Concept, Production, Post-Production
  • Release date: 2017