SIQAF Project Animation

Project Description

The SQF was developed as part of the technical work in the European Skills Competencies Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) which identified the key skills needed for the main occupations in the fitness and outdoor sectors.

EuropeActive and EC-OE have already been informally referencing their standards to the EQF and the new project will help to give this much higher relevance.

Project Details

  • Run time:3 min 57 sec
  • Language:English
  • Production companies:Arrabona Studio

Project Details

We scripted and animated this video for this EU project. The client was looking for something that would help the audience to understand some of the complicated parts of EU policy. Drawing and animating took 3 weeks, after that we added the sound elements.

  • Client:EuropeActive
  • Tasks:Concept, Production, Post-Production
  • Release date:2018