Splace Commercial: The Passenger

Project Description

Splace is a revolutionary way of sending things. It combines verifies travellers from all over the world to enable customers to reduce costs and delivery time. At the same time it also gives passengers the opportunity to earn money while they travel.

This new system is not ony new but very eco friendly and reduces the need to pay for expensive delivery services. Splace wants to connect the world in the delivery sector.

Project Details

  • Run time: 36 sec
  • Language: English
  • Production companies: Arrabona Studio

Project Details

We scripted and shot this commercial for this upcoming Dubai based startup. The client was looking for a human story driven film that many people could relate to. Princiap shooting took three days. We used a Sony FS700 and Sony`s prime lense collection (20mm,50mm,135mm) combined with an Easyrig to achieve the desired look. Post-production included foley, sound mixing, color grading on Da Vinchi Resolve and VFX work. All the laptop and mobile phone screen shots were filmed with green screen and were added later.

  • Client: Splace
  • Tasks: Concept, Production, Post-Production
  • Release date: 2017